Readers’ Favourite Gold Medal Book Award September 2018

Incredible, inspiring and powerfully written devotional book

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Hearing His Voice is an incredible, inspiring and powerfully written devotional book that will inspire you and make you fall in love with Jesus Christ all over again. This book is such a lovely read that it should be owned and read by everybody because it is beautiful, useful and inspirational.

Hearing His Voice is a beautiful book which is an invitation to meet with Jesus Christ. The excellent author of this book, Meredith Swift, writes many inspirational dialogues with Jesus Christ which demonstrates his desire to communicate with us all, and how he wants to share his thoughts with us. It makes for a beautiful, charming read that readers will get easily lost in.

Hearing His Voice is the perfect devotional book, I loved how this book is all about Jesus Christ and his love for us all. Meredith Swift has written her book exceptionally well because she takes her readers on a lovely journey of religion and devotion. Swift writes in a poetic, beautiful way that makes Hearing His Voice easily readable. It flows flawlessly from one page to the next so that the reader can’t help but be engrossed in the beautiful nature of this book.

Meredith Swift is an exceptional writer who is proud, and inspirational in her writing. I admire her so much and respect her for the reasons she has written her book. It is clear to the reader from very early on that Swift is a passionate writer who loves Jesus Christ and so, I adore her!

To summarize my thoughts on this inspiring, enlightening and informative book, I would say if you are looking for a devotional book that is extremely useful and will better your life and the way you view it, then please, read this book. It is an incredible read that is the perfect tool for anybody, and so I would implore all of you lovely readers to read it! This astonishing book gets Five Stars from me!

A Spiritual Gem

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for “Readers’ Favorite”

Hearing His Voice: Meeting Jesus in the Garden of Promise by Meredith Swift is a devotional book that can be read as a Bible study, a compelling spiritual testimony, or a guide to effective discipleship. In a time like ours, where a competitive culture creates much stress, it is easy to feel lonely and abandoned. Although our culture provides the most efficient communication tools, it enforces a deep sense of loneliness which can be painful. It is in this context that Ms. Swift offers an antidote that most readers take for granted — their sense of intimate connection with God, who loves them unconditionally.

The author takes the reader through her painful experience of loneliness to a meaningful encounter with God and shows how readers can find meaning and purpose by reconnecting intimately with their source. Highly imaginative and packed with insights, handy prayers, and reflections, this book is a tool that draws the reader into the Garden of Promise and allows them to experience the healing, loving touch of Jesus. In this book, the author invites readers to listen to the voice that comforts and that gives life.

The writing is friendly and it is packed with powerful biblical references that are as relevant as they are inspiring. It isn’t surprising that this book was written at a time when the author was going through challenges in her life, overcoming the painful experience of divorce and having to deal with relocation, career shift, and a daughter with a medical condition. It’s no doubt that God used her experience to communicate His love to humanity through the gift of this inspiring book. Hearing His Voice: Meeting Jesus in the Garden of Promise is a spiritual gem to receive with gratitude and pass on with love.

Must Read. 5 Stars

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This book is a great add for the devout Christian, eye opening, brilliantly illustrative. Must Read. 5 Stars.

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Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!

I must say I fell in love with this book, Hearing His Voice. I love, love this! Meredith Swift you are my kind of girl. Goodness. Where to begin?

This book takes away the religious spirit from Christianity and brings out the beauty, the romance, the incredible fragrance and magnificence of the dazzling colors of whispers of Jesus breathing life into words! Ahhhhhh!

I got to know that Meredith Swift once believed Christianity to be a narrow, stifling and boring religion. For years, as she writes in this book, she immersed herself in spirituality which left her yearning to find meaning in her life.

Find out in this book how the author healed those deepest wounds of utter loneliness that proved impossible to heal in her life.

Dance with Meredith and breathe life in abundance and go with her on an exciting journey of healing and discovery in what she calls the garden of promise!

Highly recommended read!”

For over 30 more Amazon reviews: go to Reviews of ‘Hearing His Voice’ on Amazon

Elenah Kwaramba Kangara
Author of “Supernal Grace: Live Powerfully, Master Your Destiny”